Reboot Your Commute ran from September 2018 - January 2019 and reached an estimated 19,000 people through digital and in-person communications.

Alta worked with the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Rogue Valley Transportation District on a program to address traffic congestion at I-5 southbound at Exit 27 during peak morning commute times. Nearly every weekday morning, morning commute vehicles back up onto the interstate at the exit, creating traffic delays and dangerous freeway conditions. 

This education and outreach program was created to improve safety and congestion on weekday mornings. Alta worked directly with major employers to share information about transportation options with their employees. Alta connected employers with available transportation options resources, and offered fun events and in-person outreach to employees about their transportation options. 

The program built capacity and expertise at these large employers, and created a stronger relationship with Rogue Valley Transit District, which can help over the long run.