The First Hill neighborhood and active transportation advocates in Seattle expressed a strong interest in developing a world-class separated facility as part of the First Hill Streetcar development. The City of Seattle decided to move forward with a two-way cycle track along Broadway with improvements to intersections and parallel bikeways elsewhere along the streetcar line.

Alta designed bicycle facilities and pedestrian improvements for Seattle’s First Hill streetcar corridor. The cycle track opened in October 2013, and planning for the next phase is currently underway. Alta developed recommendations for streetcar station placements, bicycle intersection treatments, cycle track design, signing, signals and pavement markings, driveway crossings, and other potential conflict areas through the densely developed neighborhood commercial district. Throughout the process, the team solicited feedback from the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Committee, Seattle residents, and other stakeholders through meetings and workshops. A panel of cycle track experts from North America was invited to review the project early in the construction phase.