Alta completed a feasibility study, system plan, and business plan for the St. Louis region.

As part of the effort, Alta performed a trip-demand, membership, and revenue analysis based on our unique models developed specifically for bike share. The model results were used to develop a financially sustainable business plan for the recommended non-profit. The final report included station siting guidelines and specifications for stations throughout metro St. Louis, including Forest Park, the city of Clayton, at MetroLink stations, and at key destinations in neighborhoods within the urban core. Also featured were a number of best practice recommendations related to improving program equity, including station siting strategies, affordability, and promotion to lower income and minority communities.

Supplementing the effort is a robust public involvement process that includes a project website, social media, multiple rounds of public workshops, and bike share demonstration at various community events. Alta used surveys to solicit public feedback on goals for the program, barriers to using bike share, and the types of programs or incentives that would help encourage bike share use. Nearly 1,500 people responded to the surveys, helping to inform Alta’s final planning recommendations.