The vision for this plan is to create a connected and comprehensive system of greenway trails that enhances the quality of life throughout Wake County.

The goal of the Wake County Greenway System Plan is to put into place a clear guideline and plan that will be used for future greenway trail planning and development. Goals for the outcome of the plan include improving access to outdoor recreation for health and wellness, increasing connectivity for multimodal transportation, supporting economic development and capitalizing on trail-based tourism, and protecting waterways, wildlife habitat, and natural areas along the greenways.

There is no other single type of investment that can be made on a local and regional scale that provides such a wide range of positive impacts. Greenways improve quality of life by providing opportunities for transportation, recreation, public health, economic development, and environmental stewardship. This Plan serves as a clear guideline for trail planning and development, providing a framework for local governments and project partners to create a connected system of cross county greenway trails.

This plan was developed with input from 16 steering committee members, 47 stakeholders, five outreach sessions, and feedback from more than 2,300 residents. The plan identifies approximately 100 miles of proposed greenway trails to be built in two main phases, with a projected total annual economic impact of $28M. The priority set of projects were vetted through all 12 municipal partners, as well as regional agencies and potential funding partners. These projects are intended to “Bridge the Gaps” in the existing trail network, capitalizing on the success of the many existing trails in Wake County. Each of the 23 priority trail segments has its own 2-page cut sheet featuring an annotated map, estimated construction costs, previous planning, and potential right-of-way needs, permitting, partnerships, and funding mechanisms.