Walk Bike Columbia envisions an expanded and ADA-accessible network of transit, sidewalks, greenways, trails, and on-street bicycle connections
linking people to jobs, schools, destinations, adjacent communities, and one another.

The assessment included a robust public involvement process, field work, stakeholder interviews, policy review, a safety analysis, bicycle and pedestrian counts, and a Bicycle Friendly Community and Walk Friendly Community Audit. The results of two GIS-based analytical tools, Bicycle and Pedestrian Level of Service and Bicycle and Pedestrian Suitability Index, also informed the needs analysis. The Plan recommends a seamless network of on- and off-street bikeways and walkways connecting residents and visitors to schools, parks, employment centers, and retail and entertainment destinations. By focusing on safe routes to transit, the Plan establishes a clear framework for a truly multi-modal transportation network for Columbia.

The Bike Share Plan further advances this goal by identifying practical strategies for developing a successful bike share system that is integrated with the local bikeway network and transit system.

The Implementation Plan for this project includes a 10-year Capital Improvement Plan as well as cut-sheets for six priority projects that will be implemented within 3 to 6 months of Plan adoption. Alta Planning + Design also developed step-by-step action plans to guide the City of Columbia as it pursues South Carolina’s first Walk Friendly Community designation and a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community designation.