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Alta provides our clients with analysis tools customized to help understand active transportation connectivity, demand, health, and safety needs.

Over the past two decades, Alta has pioneered the development of tools to analyze and communicate the benefits of active transportation. These include models to estimate who is likely to bike or walk and why, analyses that help capture and convey the benefits of active transportation investments to health and the economy, and visualization techniques that help convey all of this technical analysis in a clear and compelling fashion. From our advancement of the national bicycle and pedestrian count program and a standardized method for estimating active transportation demand to our cutting-edge suitability and economic impact analyses, we are committed to providing our clients with the most advanced active transportation analytics tools available.

Alta’s Civic Analytics Services include:
Economics + Evaluation

Our economic and prioritization tools help express the full range of health, environmental, economic, and mobility benefits of active transportation plans and projects.

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Data Collection

Alta’s count, survey, and field inventory methods have been implemented across the globe, helping communities track the performance of bicycle and pedestrian improvements.

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Demand + Connectivity

Our analytics team provides advanced level of stress and demand analyses to help communities better understand the gaps in their active transportation networks.

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Safety Analyses

Alta’s safety analysis tools can help communities go beyond just looking at collisions to identifying the root causes of safety issues and potential countermeasures to address them.

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