Alta’s team of designers, engineers, and urban planners work with cities to create system plans, including siting, design, and permits for the individual stations within bike and scooter share systems.

Our experience includes:

  • Defining the coverage area based on our comprehensive demand modeling
  • Establishing the density of the system based on context
  • Incorporating system equity to ensure stations are accessible to a broad cross section of the community
  • Siting potential station locations along key corridors, in safe, visible and popular destinations
  • Understanding the available equipment options and design best practices
  • Ground-truthing potential sites based on system needs, site conditions and physical requirements of the equipment
  • Drafting station plans for permitting and installation
  • Developing highly-graphic user-friendly maps and 3-D visualizations and mock-ups

We also maintain a feedback loop with the industry leaders who operate the various bike and scooter share systems we’ve helped launch. This open communication stream has given us an in-depth knowledge of how our station siting and design ultimately affects installation, deployment, and operations and we are constantly refining this process.