As parents and partners in the Safe Routes to School movement, Alta is committed to supporting local and regional communities in creating safe and accessible transportation options for children walking and biking to school.

Alta’s approach to SRTS integrates all six “E’s” – equity, engineering, education, engagement, encouragement, and evaluation – in a holistic, interdisciplinary manner to help increase the number of students walking and bicycling to schools throughout the country.

Alta’s GIS-based mapping allows seamless integration of data from fieldwork, stakeholders, and database files into graphically-rich improvement plans and suggested route maps. Our planners provide detailed circulation plans, host walk audits and assessments, and identify areas of deficiency and opportunity. We also help communities prepare successful grant applications that secure funding for crucial infrastructure improvements, and have authored many of the standards and guidelines used in the industry today.

Our graphic design and travel demand management teams also inform our SRTS work, providing communities with approachable and attractive materials with messaging that is grounded in behavior change theory.

Alta’s Safe Routes to School include:
Suggested Route Mapping

Alta’s Suggested Route Maps combine our team’s SRTS, graphic design, and GIS expertise to develop clear, well-designed maps that facilitate print and digital communication of your community’s SRTS program.

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Safe Routes to School Planning

Alta specializes in developing comprehensive SRTS plans that integrate all six Es – Equity, Engineering, Education, Enforcement, Encouragement, and Evaluation – in a holistic manner to increase opportunities to walk and bike to schools.

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Safe Routes to School Engineering

SRTS engineering work includes many types of projects including quick-build projects, temporary demonstration projects (tactical urbanism), and permanent capital improvement projects. Alta plans, designs, and implements Safe Routes to School engineering projects across the country that make walking and biking safe, comfortable, and exciting options for students to get to school.

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Strategic Planning + Coalition Building

Alta’s dedicated team specializes in bringing communities together to initiate and/or improve SRTS programs by defining roles and responsibilities, timelines, and priorities to overcome identified barriers.

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