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Branden Bergeron

Associate Engineer II
  • Durham
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“ Growing up in the car-centric world of rural northeast Connecticut, walking and biking to my destinations was rarely an option. It was not until I was exposed to the concept of New Urbanism during college that I began to appreciate…”

Alta Principal Alia Awwad & TDM Lead Joddie Gray had a blast at the Florida Commuter Summit in Fort Lauderdale! Great discussions on TDM programs with top transportation pros. #CommuterSummit #TDM #Florida


April 30, 2024

Tackling Complicated Issues: Insights from the National APA Conference

The American Planning Association (APA) 2024 National Planning Conference in Minneapolis, MN, demonstrated an urgency within planning to address issues such as the housing crisis, climate change, safe mobility, data in practice, and AI. We were inspired by the number of professionals pushing to break down massive issues into tractable problems and working on solutions. Here are four key takeaways that impressed us.…

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April 24, 2024

Trail of Trees within the “City in the Forest”

The Atlanta BeltLine stands as one of the Southeast US’s signature trails, offering a distinctive loop around the city of Atlanta that fosters connections between people, neighborhoods, and destinations. Alta has led the way in guiding a team of consultants through the design and construction for Segment 4 of the BeltLine’s Westside Trail championing a climate-positive design approach that delivers economic benefits for community and the planet.…

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