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Daniel Scheir

Landscape Designer III
  • Los Angeles
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“ I love being outdoors! Which should be a lot easier than it is as a Los Angeles local. Our area might be known for its coastlines and weather, but safe spaces to move around can be hard to come by.…”

National #BikeToWorkWeek may be over, but the journey towards safer, sustainable, and connected communities keeps rolling! A big thank you to our amazing team members from all five US regions who joined this year's fun.


April 30, 2024

Tackling Complicated Issues: Insights from the National APA Conference

The American Planning Association (APA) 2024 National Planning Conference in Minneapolis, MN, demonstrated an urgency within planning to address issues such as the housing crisis, climate change, safe mobility, data in practice, and AI. We were inspired by the number of professionals pushing to break down massive issues into tractable problems and working on solutions. Here are four key takeaways that impressed us.…

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April 24, 2024

Trail of Trees within the “City in the Forest”

As development progresses along the BeltLine, Alta remains dedicated to the project’s vision of sustainable public space. In our role as environmental stewards, landscape architects are responsible for championing climate-positive outcomes that not only include but surpass carbon neutrality. For Westside Trail Segment 4, Alta worked closely with ABI and Astra Group, LLC, to prioritize these benefits by integrating resilient materials and construction methods into the design program.…

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April 4, 2024

Find Us at the 2024 APA National Planning Conference

Get ready to join Alta and your fellow transportation experts at the 2024 National Planning Conference in Minneapolis, MN, on April 13–16 and May 8–10! Organized by the American Planning Association, NPC24 is a prestigious gathering of thousands of experts, thought leaders, and practitioners in the planning domain. This year’s event will delve into critical themes shaping our societies and the planning discipline, such as climate change, diversity, inclusive design, health equity, transportation, and more.…

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