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Learn more about our strategic partnership with Trilon Group, a family of infrastructure-focused businesses.

Alta's values and commitment.

Alta is the first consulting firm in North America to center its planning and design practice on active, nonmotorized transportation. Since 1996, Alta has operated independently, bringing forth groundbreaking markets like bike share, signature trails, and safety campaigns. From research on groundbreaking trends in active mobility, to funding strategies and project implementation, Alta works with clients at every stage of project delivery.

Our values reflect Alta's commitment to sustainability and equity, both in our project work and in our internal practices. In seeking a partner to accelerate our growth, the Trilon Group complemented Alta's values and culture, while enabling Alta to maintain its brand promise.

“Through a thoughtful and deliberate selection process, we found an ideal partner in Trilon whose strategy and values closely match Alta's,” said CEO Brett Hondorp. “This partnership will provide investment to support existing clients with innovative transportation and climate solutions, reach new markets with our multi-disciplinary services, and provide career growth opportunities for our staff while retaining Alta's core mission and brand.”

Why Trilon?

Trilon understands professional services and the A&E industry, and values Alta's commitment to active transportation and sustainability as part of Trilon's Transportation platform. The power of Trilon will help Alta develop our talent pool and expand our diverse array of services across our regional footprint in the US and Canada.