Motorcycle Capacity on Streets in Motorcycle Dependent Cities

by Fred Young

I know what you are thinking: “wait a minute, I thought Alta focused on active mobility. Why am I reading a blog post about motorcycles?” Yes, Alta’s mission is to create active communities, but in order to make streets safe for walking and bicycling, it is essential to understand the full transportation context of a city. In Vietnam, motorcycles rule the streets. Continue reading

Meet Giulio Senes of Milan, Italy

by Justin Hyatt

Giulio Senes is one of our newest members of AltaGO Europe’s network of experts in the field of active mobility. Giulio, as a university professor in Milan and head of the Italian division of the European Greenway Association (EGWA), brings both a wealth of experience and an unlimited amount of enthusiasm for completing exciting projects in Italy.


JH: Tell us a bit about your favorite topics and your specialties. What kinds of projects or activities make your heart beat faster? 

GS: First of all, greenway planning. The “planning approach” comes from a great friend, Julius Fabos, Professor Emeritus of the UMass at Amherst. It is a new way of thinking about landscape planning, using a key-concept the connection of natural and man-made corridors. The application in Italy of this concept is not easy. Then, rail-trails design. Since 2000, I have been engaged in the assessment of the abandoned railway lines in Italy (7000 km) and their recovery as greenways. Continue reading

Meet Tihomir Dakić of Bosnia and Herzegovina

by Justin Hyatt

Justin Hyatt sat down for a chat with Tihomir Dakić, AltaGO-Europe expert from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


JH: What does your typical workday look like?

TD: As an active citizen, activist, project manager and member of an environmental organization (Center for Environment) my daily life consists of advocating, above everything else, on changing human behavior. For instance, when I ride to a meeting on my bicycle, people sometimes try to tell me that I shouldn’t come to meetings by bike, but I still do it. While I am doing it, I see how people are changing their attitudes towards when, how, and why we use a bike or walk, when it seems like no one else does. As someone who communicates quite a lot with people as well as with different stakeholders and a whole range of decision-makers, I have a wide picture of how to change the things around us. Working with media is one of my regular tasks as well as cooperation and helping other organizations. Continue reading

Virtual Reality at CIVITAS Forum 2017

by Marianne Weinreich, Weinreich Mobility, AltaGO-Europe Partner

CIVITAS is a network of cities for cities dedicated to cleaner, better transport in Europe and beyond. Since it was launched by the European Commission in 2002, the CIVITAS Initiative has tested and implemented over 800 measures and urban transport solutions as part of demonstration projects in more than 80 Living Lab cities Europe-wide.  The CIVITAS Initiative works on 10 thematic areas, related to sustainable transport mobility, covering: Car-independent Lifestyles, Clean Fuels; Vehicles, Collective Passenger Transport, Demand Management Strategies, Integrated Planning, Mobility Management, Public Involvement, Safety; Security, Transport Telematics, Urban Freight Logistics. Continue reading