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Branden Bergeron, PE

Branden Bergeron holds a BS in Civil Engineering and a MS in Transportation and Urban Engineering, both from the University of Connecticut. Branden has a diverse background, including transportation engineering, site design, land surveying, and environmental compliance projects for federal, state, municipal, and private clients. With a primary focus on transportation engineering, Branden has been a designer on new roadway construction, roadway reconstruction, bridge rehabilitation, greenway, and cycle track projects. As part of the roadway design process, Branden has performed drainage analysis and design, roadway geometric design, and the design of maintenance and protection of traffic measures. In addition to design, he also performed in-depth reviews of roadway plans prepared by other consulting engineers as part of the State of Connecticut DOT Consultant Liaison Engineer program.

“Growing up in the car-centric world of rural northeast Connecticut, walking and biking to my destinations was rarely an option. It was not until I was exposed to the concept of New Urbanism during college that I began to appreciate that there are often better transportation options than the automobile. After designing complete streets and other bicycle and pedestrian friendly facilities, I started to truly appreciate their value. As I continue to grow as an engineer, I look forward to improving communities by designing context sensitive facilities that will incorporate all appropriate modes of transportation.”

  • Registrations + Affiliations
    • Professional Engineer: Connecticut #29726
    • Professional Engineer: Florida #87203
    • Professional Engineer: Georgia #044472
    • Professional Engineer: Massachusetts #53477
    • Professional Engineer: North Carolina #052233