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Michael Repsch, PE

Michael Repsch has served as principal-in-charge, project manager, and project engineer on a variety of challenging transportation projects throughout the East Coast. Mike’s over 17 years of experience include aspects of transportation planning and design for a variety of private, local municipality, and State Department of Transportation clients. He spearheaded multi-disciplinary transportation projects from inception through design and development. Projects include: roadway and streetscape designs which included drainage, bridges, traffic signals, utilities, lighting, traffic control during construction, and landscape; green infrastructure design; bikeway and pedestrian facility design, site design, highway and multi-modal corridor studies; area-wide traffic circulation studies; roadway feasibility analyses; access planning for pedestrians, bicyclists and people with disabilities; localized traffic impact evaluations; and transportation system improvements. Michael graduated from the University of Hartford with a B.S. in Civil Engineer (2000) and a M. Eng. in Environmental Engineering (2001).

“Yes, I’m a highway engineer, but don’t let that scare you. I know that old school highway engineers can largely be blamed for creating roadways with the only purpose of moving vehicular traffic as fast and as efficient as possible with no regard to their setting or other modes of transportation. I like to consider myself a new age highway engineer and prefer to think of myself more of a designer than an engineer. I was heading towards the path of old school highway engineering principles before I started to be influenced by planners and landscape architects, one of which went on to become ASLA president. These individuals taught me that I was not designing a roadway just to move traffic but I was designing a roadway where people live and it must be designed in the proper context and consider all modes of transportation. I have taken these principles and utilized them on all the projects I work on. I believe that it has made me a better designer and has produced better project products.”

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