Our people make the difference.

Tim Bevins, LEED, AP ND

Tim brings over 10 years of experience in active transportation, environmental planning, and urban design to Alta. His work focuses on creating communities that are more vibrant, just, and ecologically sound. Tim works on projects at a variety of scales including active transportation plans and analysis, tactical urbanism demonstrations, urban design visioning, LEED-ND certification, design guidelines, placemaking, and public outreach. Tim is an experienced project manager with extensive public speaking experience, and holds Masters degrees is Environmental Planning from the University of Virginia and Urban Design from the University of Michigan.

“Growing up in LA, I’ve done my best to get out of the gridlock and enjoy our city’s great weather on two wheels. I am a dedicated cyclist thrilled by the work we do at Alta to create sustainable multi-modal communities that foster public interaction and create a sense of place.”