Alta led the preliminary design and engineering for 15 walk route project improvements for three schools in Aberdeen, WA. Funded by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, the purpose of this project was to identify deficiencies in the existing pedestrian and bicycle networks near selected schools and develop preliminary project recommendations.

Alta led all tasks for this project, including existing conditions analysis, sidewalk inventory, public engagement, circulation plan development, preliminary engineering, and final plan development.

On-site walk audits were a major element of this work. Alta conducted these walk-audits with project stakeholders at drop-off and pick-up times to better understand existing conditions for students walking and rolling to school. The walk audits also provided the opportunity to engage with parents, school staff, and students about the challenges they have experienced around each school.

As project locations were refined, Alta collaborated with city staff to identify and evaluate alternative recommendations for complex locations. Specifically, our staff evaluated options to better facilitate crossing of a state highway with significant truck traffic near one elementary school. The resulting plan and project sheets are being utilized by the City to seek future grant funding for implementation.