Alta approaches the concluding stages of Phase I of Sunrise Park, delivering essential amenities for residents including walking trails and an accessible splash pad.

After finalizing the master plan for Sunrise Park’s (formerly known as Pryor Park) expansive 32-acre site, Alta proceeded to develop construction documents for Phase I: Sunrise Park. Spanning about 5 acres, Phase 1 offers various recreational opportunities for both Athenians and residents of the surrounding new development. The design incorporates a segment of the future Signing River Trail around the park’s northern end and includes several walking trails accessing key park amenities. These amenities comprise a splash pad with shade pavilion, an inclusive fenced playground, an open space berm playscape, a spacious restroom facility, and multiple seating areas. Crucial logistical features include a parking lot with nearly 200 spaces and a Shaw Street extension for enhanced site access and on-street parking. The park exclusively features native plantings, offering significant ecological benefits to the site and its surrounding region. Additionally, Alta’s engineers conducted a local watershed analysis to ensure hydrological best practices, integrating bioretention measures and permeable paving into the southern portion of Sunrise Park.