Coquitlam is a major suburb of the Metro Vancouver region, about 40 minutes west of the City of Vancouver. Alta led a comprehensive wayfinding plan for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and transit users. Aspects such as branding, identity, user-friendliness, consistency, ease of maintenance and repair, and cost considerations were part of the work.

Alta designed a wayfinding signage package (including pedestrian kiosk maps with iconography) while adhering to City of Coquitlam branding guidelines. The City identified and prioritized destinations for new signage, guiding the design team in strategic placement locations to help residents and visitors explore the community, locate its services, and easily reach attractions and destinations. Integration with transit-oriented development and the new Evergreen Rapid Transit station wayfinding was a key element of the project. A phasing and implementation plan provided Coquitlam with prioritization for implementing a multi-modal wayfinding messaging system, including high-level capital and maintenance cost estimates.