The emergency closure of the West Seattle Bridge in 2020 displaced 100,000 daily auto trips to farther-flung bridges, causing debilitating congestion to lower income neighborhoods and worsening mobility for everyone. In response, and in tandem with a public information campaign, Alta rapidly created a high-profile marketing and outreach campaign to encourage the use of travel options.

The campaign, called Flip Your Trip, supported people who live and work in West Seattle in shifting their trip mode to reduce congestion and improve economic mobility. The campaign exceeded its goal with more than 9,000 registered participants, reaching people through direct mail, geo-targeted digital ads, SDOT and partner communication channels, and direct outreach at community events.

Alta also partnered with local agencies and community-based organizations to host custom events in the community, such as a micromobility demo day; transit, bicycling, and vanpool 101 workshops; low/no-cost mobile bike repair; and bike rides to support patronage of BIPOC-owned businesses. The full program was offered in nine languages, based on the language needs of the program area.

Alta planned, implemented, and evaluated the full-service campaign, including the development of all creative content and material for digital ads, radio ads, social media, direct mail, outreach, and community media (such as yard signs). The campaign starred Sal the Salmon (SDOT’s popular spokes-puppet) in media and at events.

Alta’s role included administering the incentive component of the program: $25 in mobility fares delivered through the regional mobile ticketing app (or a transit fare card for people who do not have smartphones/data plans). Further, the Alta team developed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on the program logic model and will evaluate the program’s impact through a participant survey.