In 2018, LADOT hired Alta to design streetscape improvements along the Sherman Way corridor in the San Fernando Valley. This project is part of Councilmember Bob Blumenfield’s Reseda Rising Initiative, and is intended to address impediments to bicycling and walking along the corridor, promote economic development, improve safety, and foster greater use of multimodal transportation options.

Based on community feedback, the Reseda neighborhood expressed concerns about the blighted appearance of Sherman Way, including non-standard ADA ramps, traffic conditions unfavorable to bicyclists, faded or non-existent crosswalks, damaged sidewalks, and deteriorated landscaping. Many residents are bicyclists and were concerned about safety when riding along the corridor. In addition, the lack of tree canopy had created heat island conditions, often making it extremely difficult to walk or bike at certain times of day.

The project aimed to restore the landscaping areas and provide enhanced bicycle and pedestrian facilities, as well as traffic calming measures along Sherman Way and portions of the adjacent street network.

Alta explored traffic analysis configurations to develop a final design, created final engineering and construction documentation for project implementation, and developed cost estimates to guide possible phased implementation. The project included five signal modifications, one pedestrian hybrid beacon, a roundabout, and several ADA curb ramp designs. The project elements also include planted medians, high-visibility crossings, and driveway conflict markings.

The Reseda Neighborhood Council, which represents the project area, has been an advocate for the project and will assess whether the project has met the neighborhood’s desires and expectations when complete.

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