Alta worked with the City of Menlo Park and local partners to develop a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Strategy for the City that covers four public school districts as well as private schools in the area, and recommends specific next steps for the City, Districts, private schools, and community volunteers to implement SRTS objectives.

The plan offers short term (2-4 months), medium term (1 year) and longer term (2+ years) actions for each objective based on a six E’s framework, and includes technical appendixes that offer best practices and recommendations for bicycle and pedestrian safety curriculum, walking school buses and bike trains, crossing guards, and evaluation/data collection.

As an extension of this work, Alta is providing part-time SRTS Coordinator support for Menlo Park. The Coordinator oversees the Safe Routes to School program in the City, including convening task force meetings and working with the local Parents for Safe Routes group to promote existing resources from the county and the region.