Using the power of Civic Analytics, Alta worked with the City of Mt. Shasta to identify investments that will improve mobility for the community. 

Mt. Shasta’s Mobility Plan uses groundbreaking data the City can use to create a safer way for people to get around. Enlisting Alta’s expertise, the team led an innovative analysis of existing conditions for the Plan. The analysis included:

  • – Artificial intelligence (AI) derived crosswalk and sidewalk inventory
  • – Active trip potential analysis leveraging StreetLight Data
  • – Evaluation of traffic stress-adjusted network connectivity
  • – A hazard and climate risk analysis based on California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire) hazard data and the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) National Risk Index. 

The active trip potential analysis used zonal analysis of short trips to create visually compelling infographics that demonstrated high mode shift potential locations for walking, biking, and electric micromobility. This, combined with a gaps analysis that measured the gap between real and ideal connectivity across Mt. Shasta, as well as a robust public engagement program, helped identify key investments to improve mobility for Mt. Shasta.

Public engagement for the study occurred over three phases; each phase of engagement solicited feedback through both virtual and in-person activities, formal and informal gatherings, and through social and print media. Alta collaborated with the Siskiyou Outdoor Recreation Alliance (SORA) to lead a community bike tour, convene local business leaders for a roundtable discussion, interview parents/caregivers, and engage with older adults and people living with disabilities. Additionally, the project team met with residents at farmer’s markets, in front of grocery stores, and at community events. Postcard notifications, social media advertising, sidewalk decals, yard signs, and other outreach efforts resulted in over 400 responses to the project survey. This comprehensive effort ensured that the recommendations in the plan aligned with the community’s vision for sustainable transportation and economic growth.