The assessment identified the physical and programmatic challenges, barriers and gaps that persons with disabilities face in accessing the City’s shared mobility programs.

Alta worked with the City of Oakland Parking and Mobility Division to conduct an accessibility needs assessment of the City’s shared mobility programs, including bike share (Bay Wheels and the Adaptive Bike Share Program), ride share, car share and scooter share.

The project includes robust stakeholder and public engagement meetings with City commissioners, a citywide online and intercept survey, and multiple focus groups. Technical work includes national research of best practices in improving accessibility of shared mobility (led by team members Dr. Susan Shaheen and Adam Cohen) and identification of potential funding sources for new initiatives. This research is coupled with field evaluations of existing bike share stations and potential scooter parking locations led by Alta’s Oakland-based staff.

The study provides a targeted policy and organizational and programmatic recommendations for the City of Oakland to improve accessibility of shared mobility.