The Phoenix Active Transportation Plan takes an equity and internal process-based approach to the planning and design of active transportation facilities in Phoenix.

One of the most important focuses of the Phoenix Active Transportation Plan is to assess and develop specific considerations for equity as it relates to the distribution of funding and a network prioritization. To do so, Alta partnered with Collective Equity Partners (CEP), a community-based organization (CBO) that facilitated community outreach for city bike projects. As a knowledgeable and invested advocate for those who have been excluded from planning processes, CEB was a necessary partner in critically assessing the integration of on-the-ground outreach with policies and procedures that would determine active transportation improvements.

Another focus of the plan is to be action-oriented. Rather than simply listing a number of improvement projects, this plan focuses on identifying internal barriers and improving procedures and policies related to active transportation infrastructure between various city departments and local agencies. Alta conducted a thorough review of the internal workflow and policies for transportation projects in the City. Alta then provided recommendations for changes to the policy and workflow that will enable City staff to implement programs and facilities in an equitable and efficient manner.