The Santa Monica Beach Bike Path is a well-loved paved pathway that stretches over 20 miles along the Pacific Coast. Alta worked with the City of Santa Monica to complete design plans for bike path striping and signage for various locations along the Marvin Braude Beach Bike Path and the associated pedestrian path within the City of Santa Monica.

This world-class trail has a wide variety of users including bicyclists, pedestrians, rollerbladders, skateboarders, dog walkers, and tourists on Segways. The goal of this project was to develop the most progressive signage in accordance with the California MUTCD, striping plans for specific and typical pedestrian crossings along the bike path, and other ground markings to minimize user conflict and keep pedestrians on the pedestrian path and cyclists on the bike path. Alta provided construction management services, supervising the on-the-ground application of the striping and graphics.