After helping Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) launch the Statewide SRTS Planning and Construction programs, Alta is now leading the team providing infrastructure and education technical assistance on the ODOT Comprehensive SRTS Program.

In winter 2020/21, Alta conducted a statewide survey and focus group series to develop the ODOT SRTS Strategy document, which provides policy guidance for the staff and the consultant team. 

Education work includes an annual Walk+Roll challenge, a statewide recognition program, a website with resources in English and Spanish, and a variety of meetings and trainings to foster a community across the state and build capacity among SRTS practitioners.

Alta is continuing to lead the planning work, which involves working with communities across the state to observe conditions, collect data, solicit feedback, and develop a SRTS Plan for the community. The process involves close coordination between school district, local jurisdiction, and ODOT region staff, as well as the school community.

Stakeholders and clients are based over a large geographic area, and multiple projects are unfolding during overlapping timelines. This requires sharp organization among a small Alta team and very intentional public engagement that balances virtual offerings, such as the public input map and in-person options such as walk audits and community meetings when the project team is onsite. The Alta team provides template materials to make it easy for communities to collaborate on engagement, but also opportunities for customization.