Alta is leading Move Tucson, a bold multimodal transportation master plan that includes more than 230 projects and over $5.7 billion of possible improvements.

The plan includes a robust public engagement program, which has responded to the challenges of outreach during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most notably, Alta developed a prioritization process that accounts for multimodal projects, including transit and motor vehicles.

While some projects focus on a single mode (i.e., sidewalk improvements, greenways, or high-capacity transit routes), many projects address the needs of all modes, including new sidewalks, improved bikeways, upgraded traffic signals, and more. It is a bold vision that will require not only significant investment to achieve, but also innovative and flexible approaches to implementation.

The prioritization builds on the plan’s six Guiding Principles and uses a multi-step approach to understand network needs, score projects, and refine the results based on project performance.
Alta’s dynamic approach to prioritization means the City can reassess over time utilizing the underlying network scores. This creates opportunities to account for shifting project extents, changing network conditions, shifting funding opportunities, and more.