Alta led the development of a comprehensive wayfinding plan for the City of Westminster, a suburb of Denver with an extensive trail network and growing on-street bikeway network.

Alta provided the City with best practices for the placement of signage in the community, and coordinated with the City to develop a list of destinations to be signed to. Simultaneously, Alta worked with the community to develop concepts for the wayfinding family, developing multiple iterations of signage that reflected the community’s goals. In coordination with stakeholders, a selected design was identified, and design intent drawings for the final family of wayfinding signs was prepared. As an add-on task, Alta developed a highly customized concept for a gateway monument that could be installed at key locations throughout the city.

Alta developed a memorandum that specified how new technologies could be integrated into the wayfinding signage, programmed signage along two priority routes, and provided oversight to ensure the fabrication and installation of signage was conducted properly. The team prepared cost estimation for the signage as well. Alta developed the first comprehensive wayfinding family and best practices plan for the community, which will ensure future signage is installed consistently for years to come.