FHWA Rails-with-Trails: Lessons Learned

This report offers conclusions about the lessons learned in the development, construction, and operation of “rails-with-trails” so that railroad companies, trail developers, and others can benefit from the history of trails in existence today.

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NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide

The purpose of the NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide (part of the Cities for Cycling initiative) is to provide cities with state-of-the-practice solutions that can help create complete streets that are safe and enjoyable for bicyclists. The NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide is based on the experience of the best cycling cities in the world. […]

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Bicycle Interactions and Streetcars: Lessons Learned and Recommendations, 2008

This report includes an international literature review and facilities recommendations for minimizing the hazards that streetcar facilities present to bicyclists. As more and more cities build streetcar networks, bicycle/streetcar issues are becoming an important topic. This report adds to the body of knowledge on the subject. Bicycle Interactions and Streetcars: Lessons Learned and Recommendations

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Best Practices in Campus Bicycle Planning and Program Development

Universities are not only institutions of higher learning, they are also research and thought leaders and places of great innovation. This can be said about cutting-edge laboratory research, as well as sustainable transportation practices such as bicycle planning and program development. While the bicycle is obviously not a new invention or technology, there is a renewed focus and emphasis on prioritizing bicycling due to its many benefits, including health, economic, and environmental benefits. Additionally, students who become bicyclists during their time at university are more likely to continue bicycling after graduation. This white paper documents best practices in bicycle planning and program development at university campuses throughout the United States.

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