Mar 14

Strategic Partnership with Gary Toth of Project for Public Spaces

We are happy to announce that Gary Toth of the Project for Public Spaces (PPS) is collaborating with Alta. While remaining in his current role at PPS, Gary will serve as a Senior Advisor to our teams, applying his expertise and leadership in street design and community planning to better serve our clients in creating more sustainable streets and transportation networks.

Gary is an experienced leader with substantial expertise in transportation engineering and planning, particularly in the interrelationship between transportation and land use, all leading to better communities. He possesses extensive understanding of design flexibility, sound engineering and Practical Design. He understands approaches to culture change in state DOTs and the issues and parameters that they face. One of his many fortes is the ability to broker conversations between transportation practitioners and stakeholders. Over the years, he has played key roles in professional organizations, such as the American Association of Transportation Professionals, the American Public Transit Association and the Transportation Research Board.