Alta Collaborates with City of Aurora to Enhance 13th Avenue: A Comprehensive Study for Safer and Connected Travel

In close partnership with the City of Aurora, Alta has engaged in a detailed examination of a 3.5-mile stretch along 13th Avenue. The primary objective of this study was to identify existing challenges faced by pedestrians and cyclists along this suburban corridor, while simultaneously devising innovative solutions and proposing a conceptual plan to improve safety, comfort, and connectivity for all modes of transportation along the avenue.

Throughout the project, Alta has worked closely with the City to develop and execute a comprehensive Public Engagement Plan. This inclusive approach has involved a combination of online and in-person outreach initiatives, conducted in both English and Spanish, to ensure diverse community participation. Additionally, Alta has implemented a temporary pilot project, showcasing potential improvements for the corridor and designed to highlight the benefits of a wide shared-use path and traffic calming elements. In line with this, Alta has prepared a conceptual design for the corridor that integrates these enhancements, creating a more accessible and inviting environment for everyday bicycle and pedestrian journeys.