The Bear Creek Greenway - a 20+ mile greenway that connects the five largest communities in Southern Oregon's Rouge Valley - was at the center of the Oregon's Alameda fire in September of 2022. The greenway's location and vegetation fueled the fire, and sparked the need to renew this greenway's master plan with dedication to fire resilience.

Alta is leading a team to provide this work, which consists of conducting extensive public outreach, reviewing existing conditions, analyzing economic opportunities, and evaluating safety, comfort and equity. The project also includes a review of the governance structure and recommended changes.

We’re working with the community to create a sustainable vision for the greenway that will meet the needs of new and existing users alike, feel safe for all users, and help prevent future wildfires along the corridor,” said Alta Senior Associate Planner, Mike Sellinger.

The plan will be complete by December 2022, with the goal of creating the future path for the greenway. It will include a prioritized list of projects to improve the greenway over the next 10 years, a maintenance plan, a communications plan, and recommendations on how to improve its governance structure.