Alta helped the Denver International Airport develop a transportation demand management (TDM) plan to improve access for passengers and employees and decrease drive alone travel as much as 10 percentage points.

Alta (formally UrbanTrans) was part of a team that conducted a comprehensive mobility study for the Denver International Airport (DEN). Alta led the TDM portion of the study.

Passenger and employment growth is increasing rapidly at the airport and growth of nearby development is also rapid. DEN is looking for solution to reduce congestion on the main road to the airport while also improving job access and making it easier for passenger to get to the airport.

Alta collected and analyzed an extensive amount of information to understand what transportation challenges exist and what options may be best to address those challenges and reduce vehicle trips. We analyzed multiple origin-destination datasets, parking demand, curb utilization, and employment data. To ensure a thorough understanding of travel needs, we led and supported direct outreach efforts that targeted airport tenants, employees, and passengers, utilizing interviews and surveys.

Collaborating closely with DEN staff and other stakeholders, Alta helped develop mobility program goals that guided the selection of appropriate TDM strategies. These strategies were then carefully scored to identify those most likely to achieve the airport’s objectives. The result was a narrowed list of 19 priority TDM strategies to be implemented over the next decade.

The TDM Plan includes organizational options for delivering a TDM program. It also identifies necessary partnerships, implementation steps, and estimated budgets to implement the recommended TDM strategies. The plan was approved by city council in March 2024, and $1.2 million has been identified to implement the plan’s recommendations. It is anticipated that once all of the strategies in the plan have been implemented, employee drive alone trips will drop 10-percentage points and passenger use of transit will increase 10-percentage points.