Leading a two-part project, Alta and the City of El Monte are implementing a new linear park on Merced Avenue, as well as a series of bicycle facilities around the city. The bicycle facilities have been installed, and the linear park will begin construction in mid-2023.

The first portion of the project focused on bicycle facilies and pavement repair, while the latter will bring new life to El Monte’s Merced Avenue with a new median, bike path, and linear park. The design features native planting, shade trees, stormwater capture, separated walking and biking paths, lighting, furnishings, play features, and space for future public art installations. Linear parks can offer many of the same benefits as more expansive parks, however, their unique structure and functions are designed to complement compact spaces, encourage safer traffic speeds, and provide neighborhood public space. Aside from recreational use, Merced Avenue’s linear park will impact the surrounding community by:

  1. Providing more access to green and open spaces
  2. Allowing parks to be accessible to more people
  3. Drawing visitors to other parts of the community they may not typically visit
  4. Getting more people outdoors and together for tighter community bonds
  5. Converting unused roadway space to community benefit
  6. A future phase of the project will provide regional bikeway access by connecting to the Rio Hondo Bike Path
  7. Improving neighborhood safety by providing a place to walk and ride bikes that is separated from traffic, while calming vehicular traffic through the introduction of the new median

To date, Alta has worked with the City to support grant applications for construction funding, provided a range of concept designs, conducted extensive public outreach, and provided final construction documents.  As the City of El Monte and Alta look toward the future of greener spaces for residing communities, an anticipated future phase will begin in 2024 to provide a Class I path that joins with the nearby Rio Hondo Bike Path.

Learn more about the El Monte Merced Avenue project here.