Designed from the ground up to integrate with the fresh Get There branding, the Get There Oregon website is intended to be highly accessible and simple to manage and maintain in ongoing collaboration with ODOT.

Alta worked with the Oregon Department of Transportation to transition their ridematching platform, Drive Less Connect, and its 30,000 users, to a new platform, website, brand, and name (Get There). To support this complex transition, Alta served as the liaison between ODOT, the ridematching platform vendor (RideAmigos), nine regional partners across Oregon, and a team of sub-consultants. With Alta’s guidance, the new website and platform launched on time and with project team members feeling involved and invested in the final product.

Alta now oversees the administration of Get There and the Get There Challenge, Oregon’s annual two-week statewide transportation Challenge which uses the Get There platform. Alta continues to see positive results from the Get There Challenge with post-Challenge survey respondents increasing their usage of transportation options. As of March 2020, interest in Get There continues to grow with over 3,500 new users signing up since the platform launched in July 2019.

The website serves as an onboarding hub for trip planning tools and the Get There Challenge, as well as a hub for information on transportation options and services, and key resources for commuters, employers, and partners.