Alta is working with MnDOT to plan, design, and implement Safe Routes to School (SRTS) demonstration projects in communities across Minnesota and raise awareness for walking and biking as safe and convenient modes of transportation to and from school. Alta began this effort by working with two pilot communities, and has developed an implementation guide to assist communities and agencies in continuing this work by implementing short-term, low-cost, temporary roadway projects on their own.

The demonstration projects support and coincide with existing SRTS plans, as well as other opportunities to enhance existing infrastructure to create safer, more vibrant, healthy, and attractive communities.

The Guide provides needed information for public agencies, community partners, and people walking, bicycling, taking transit, and driving to evaluate potential active transportation improvements before potentially investing in permanent changes.

Alta is continuing to work with MnDOT to provide ongoing demonstration project planning, design, and implementation technical assistance. This work has coincided with a partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) on an Inclusive Pedestrian Planning project, as well as continued collaboration with AMKA Safety to provide innovative roadway safety and accessibility products for multimodal users of all ages and abilities.