Alta was the prime consultant for this master plan for the cross-state Rio Grande Trail, stretching over 500 miles from Mexico to Colorado. In addition to leading field work, data collection, identifying trail alignment, and developing design concepts and an implementation strategy, Alta led a robust public outreach campaign across the state.

The team worked closely with key leaders and elected officials on the Rio Grande Trail Commission, as well as tribal groups, key stakeholders, and various community groups throughout the state. Because the project area was so expansive and Alta wanted to solicit as much input as possible, the team developed a virtual open house, created by Alta’s Visual Communication Design group.

Alta designed the virtual open house similar to an in-person open house, so everyone would have an opportunity to learn about the plan and provide feedback. The open house website featured different “stations” that participants would visit at their own convenience. These ranged from the plan vision, trail typologies, anticipated trail users, trail alignment, route maps, and options for people to provide input on elements such as trail branding.

The virtual open house was a huge success and garnered feedback from hundreds of residents and stakeholders across the state.