The Foothills Trails Master Plan seeks to provide recreational trail opportunities for a variety of users including trail runners, hikers, and mountain bikers.

Alta was hired by Salt Lake City Parks and Public Lands to develop a trail master plan for the Foothills Natural Area. The team conducted an intense week-long workshop (coined the “Deep Dive”), which brought together numerous decision-makers and stakeholders into a collaborative process to develop a draft trail plan. The Deep Dive promoted buy-in and ownership by participants while efficiently concentrating the planning process into a collaborative week-long effort.

Alta also utilized a number of innovative tools and processes throughout the project including a GIS analysis of existing trail slopes to identify stable and unsustainable existing trails. Finally, Alta developed an engaging interactive online map to present the proposed trail system to the public. The map allowed participants to comment on trail likes or dislikes, propose new trail alignments, and voice management concerns about specific trails