The Tamarac, FL Multimodal Transportation Connectivity Master Plan assesses existing conditions of bike, pedestrian, transit and roadway networks to identify strategies and project recommendations.

Alta serves as the primary consultant for the development of Tamarac City’s Multimodal Transportation Connectivity Master Plan. This comprehensive plan evaluates the current state of biking, walking, transit, and road networks, aiming to identify effective strategies, network enhancements, and safety measures. The goal is to rectify deficiencies, enhance connectivity, and ensure accessibility, all while prioritizing safety to eliminate traffic-related accidents in accordance with the City’s vision zero principles.

Alta is actively constructing the proposed multi-modal network, incorporating input from public engagement. They are also providing cost estimates and a range of funding options. The plan encompasses short, medium, and long-term recommendations, which will guide the city’s future infrastructure investments. Ultimately, the plan strives to establish a secure transportation network that benefits both residents and visitors. By better linking major routes, creating convenient first-last mile connections, and expanding multimodal transportation choices, Tamarac can make the most of its existing community assets, cultural attractions, transit alternatives, and local businesses.