In partnership with the Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG), the City of Tulsa has evidenced its commitment to bicycling mobility with investments in a growing trail network, participation in region-wide bicycle and pedestrian planning, and its national designation as a Bicycle Friendly Community.

As part of this momentum, Alta worked with INCOG to complete a Bike Share Strategic Business Plan to assess demand for and the potential benefits of a bike share system, and develop a strategic plan for designing, implementing, and managing that system.

Alta’s heat mapping analysis and two days of field work provided a basis for identifying target areas of bike share demand. Public engagement included nearly a dozen stakeholder interviews, a project advisory committee, and a community event with a bike share demonstration and presentation of final recommendations. The system plan and business plan provided the necessary resources and actions steps for implementating a successful system including a recommended system size and footprint, recommended station (or hub) locations, a proposed governance model and fee structure, a five-year financial pro-forma, and locally-specific guidance regarding sponsorship solicitation and equity considerations. INCOG has retained Alta for additional services that are currently underway to help fund, organize, and launch bike share.