Walk.Bike.Thrive! is Atlanta Regional Commission's regional bicycle and pedestrian plan, a vision for a more walkable, bikeable, and livable metro Atlanta region.

Walk. Bike. Thrive! introduces a new framework for prioritizing regional investments in walking and bicycling, and provides tools to help local jurisdictions within ARC’s boundaries offer residents safer, more comfortable places to walk and bike. Though overall numbers of people walking and bicycling are low regionally – 5% of residents currently walk, bike, or ride transit for daily trips – communities and residents benefit from increased choice, especially for modes that improve health and save money while reducing congestion. Walk. Bike. Thrive! seeks to increase active transportation within the Atlanta region and reduce the risks and barriers that currently inhibit walking and bicycling.

Walk. Bike. Thrive! Supports the following goals and objectives of the Atlanta Region’s Plan:

  • Ensure a comprehensive transportation network, incorporating regional transit and 21st century technology
  • Develop additional walkable, vibrant centers that support people of all ages and abilities
  • Promote health, art, and other aspects of a high quality of life
  • Build the region as a globally recognized hub of innovation and prosperity
  • Develop a highly educated and skilled workforce, able to meet the needs of 21st century employers

In addition to The Atlanta Region’s Plan goals and objectives, this plan looks to further the following goals related to walking and biking in the region:

  • Create walking and bicycling options for everyone in every community
  • Ensure safer and more accessible bicycling and walking in the region
  • Tie walking and biking improvements to quality of life, economic competitiveness, and health
  • Establish a vision for a regional trail network
  • Build a strategy based on compounding growth and relentless incrementalism
  • Use the region’s pivoting growth and fresh momentum so that in 5 years Atlanta can market itself as one of the most walk-friendly and bike-friendly regions in the nation

The plan is divided into three parts: Recommendations; Regional Travel Assessment & Existing Conditions; and Public Participation & Priority Topics:

  • Part 1 – Recommendations
  • Part 2 – Assessment of Regional Travel Patterns & Existing Conditions
  • Part 3 – Public Participation & Priority Topics


The plan’s vision is to transform the Atlanta region into one of the most connected and safest regions in the United States for walking and bicycling and use active transportation to improve the mobility, safety, and economic competitiveness for residents and communities. Walk. Bike. Thrive! allocates more than $1 billion in funding over the next 25 years for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure such as sidewalks, bikeways and trails. After completion of the draft plan in 2015, ARC retained Alta Planning + Design to assist with plan implementation in 2016.

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