West Palm Beach Paves the Way to an Economically Vibrant, Sustainable, and Connected City with Alta's Innovative Transportation Plan

The City of West Palm Beach made a commitment to create a community that is economically vibrant and competitive, environmentally sustainable, and socially just and accessible. This has led to expanded transportation options such as the City Circuit, City trolley, and SkyBike (bikeshare) services. Alta worked with the City of West Palm Beach to develop a collaborative and innovative approach to transportation planning, design, and implementation, leveraging current and new mobility technology and strategies.

Alta focused on how to align competing demands for space in the public right-of-way to plan, prioritize, and implement a high-quality transportation network of on-street bikeways, walkways, trails, transit service, and vehicular routes. Included in this effort are mobility hubs that integrate options for future mobility technology such as electric vehicles and autonomous shuttles, public transit, bikeshare, car share, and placemaking strategies. The Alta team also made recommendations and policy guidance for autonomous shuttles and bus services.

Alta also conducted four studies as part of this plan: a Citywide transit study, a Downtown Parking and Transportation Demand Management Study, the Okeechobee Corridor Study, and the Tamarind Avenue Vision Study.