The City of West Palm Beach his committed to creating a community that is economically vibrant and competitive, environmentally sustainable, and socially just and accessible. The City is uniquely positioned to grow by leveraging expanding transportation options, and worked with Alta to develop transportation planning, design, and implementation strategies to meet the City’s 21st-century mobility needs.

Alta’s collaborative and innovative approach helped the City plan, prioritize, and implement a high-quality transportation network of on-street bikeways, walkways, trails, transit service, and vehicular routes. This work also helped the City establish supporting policy and funding strategies, such as policies and fees for new mobility that ensure the vision for a safe, healthy, and economically competitive city can be achieved.

Alta has conducted three studies as part of this effort. The overall strategic vision is set by the Downtown Mobility Plan, with more technical planning and design done as part of  the Downtown Parking and Transportation Demand Management Study and the Okeechobee Boulevard Corridor Study. Combined, these three studies establish a shared community vision for how people will travel in Downtown West Palm Beach.  It will be achieved through a series of short, medium, and long-term actions that will guide the City towards achieving the type of City it wants to be.