Aug 22

Celebrating 20 Years of Creating Active Communities




Jay Walljasper—author of The Great Neighborhood Book and America’s Walking Renaissance—writes, speaks and consults about how to make communities healthier and happier.

The 20th anniversary of Alta Planning + Design’s founding is an occasion to celebrate—not just for the accomplishments of this innovative company, but for the flourishing movement that has sprang up to improve walking and biking across America. This birthday offers an opportunity to reflect on just how far we have come since 1996—and it’s been my pleasure to talk with many of the long-time leaders of this movement to hear their thoughts about the key breakthroughs of the last 20 years. But even more fun and inspiring were their visions of what America could look like in 20 years as the Active Communities movement takes off in cities, suburbs and small towns, coast-to-coast.

Alta Planning + Design, pioneering leader in active transportation and recreation, proudly celebrates our 20th anniversary by honoring key moments and people that have shaped our field. Join us in the weeks leading up to Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place as we reflect on the past two decades of creating healthy, safe, vibrant, and active communities.  This progress is the result of the commitment and dedication of the public, our clients, and our elected officials, and a reflection of the creativity and hard work of our staff.

Over the next few weeks we will take you on a journey through time, starting in 1991, five years before Alta was formed, with the passing of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA), which set the stage for bicycle and pedestrian professionals to make big change in communities across the US. Along this journey, you will hear from leaders and visionaries in our field who will share their reflections on how far we have come, with a glimpse at where they see us going in the next 20 years. We thank our friend Jay Walljasper for helping us bring this celebration to light.

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