Alta worked with Caltrans Bay Area (District 4) to develop the Bay Area Bike Highway Study, which focuses on assessing the potential opportunities to develop bike highways along State highway corridors in the nine county Bay Area.

This work builds on the recommendations from the statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Toward an Active California and the Caltrans District 4 Bicycle Master Plan (both authored by Alta). More specifically, the Alta team is focusing on understanding which state highways present the biggest opportunities for providing long distance regional connections vs. which highways may have too many barriers and fail to complement the existing low-stress bicycle connections throughout the Bay Area.

Alta used a data driven approach to understand who could be served, where bike highways should be implemented, as well as where they can be implemented. Alta also worked with the community to understand their long-distance bicycling needs and to help develop a vision for bike highways in the Bay Area. As part of public engagement, Alta worked with local agency stakeholders to finetune design and implementation recommendations. Based on the feedback received from local stakeholders, and informed by international and national best practices, Alta worked to develop illustrative design concepts for bike highway implementation in a variety of Bay Area contexts. These illustrative designs are being as inspiration and guidance for local jurisdictions working with Caltrans to implement bike highways along corridors with various characteristics.