Alta Plays Key Role in Shaping Denver's Near Northwest Area Plan, Focusing on Prioritizing Multimodal Transportation and Green Infrastructure

Alta, functioning as a subconsultant, is currently engaged in providing mobility recommendations for the City of Denver’s Near Northwest Area Plan. This plan involves strategizing for a group of four neighborhoods in Denver. The Near Northwest area is mainly characterized by residential development, two interstate highways, the South Platte River, numerous schools, three “Stroads,” and historic streetcar commercial strips.

To gather input from the local communities, Alta has conducted public open houses, held project Steering Committee meetings, conducted targeted outreach efforts, and administered surveys. Through these interactions, the neighborhoods have expressed a strong desire to prioritize multimodal transportation on city streets.

Alta’s main objectives have been to enhance safety and accessibility for pedestrians, particularly across significant barriers, improve and interconnect the bike network to accommodate riders who prefer less stressful routes on narrow streets, and strike a balance between transit routes and other transportation needs.

Furthermore, Alta has actively supported the development of green infrastructure recommendations to address the challenges posed by extreme heat and to enhance the overall multimodal experience.

All of the project recommendations underwent thorough vetting to ensure initial feasibility and compliance with the Denver Complete Street Design Guidelines.