King County Metro’s Connecting to Transit campaign is a major effort to improve access to transit without building additional parking capacity. The program’s urgency stems from transit ridership growth, which has led to customer dissatisfaction with crowded park and rides. 

Alta’s role is to help market Metro’s new services and encourage access to transit without relying on solo driving trips. Metro’s innovative new services include priority carpool parking, better bike parking, partnerships with private First/Last Mile services, a pilot to match underutilized private parking lots with park-and-ride patrons, and more. Alta is employing street teaming, community outreach, guerilla marketing, direct mail, and outdoor and online media to promote the new offerings. 

Our outreach efforts include substantial outreach to community members who speak languages other than English, including Spanish, Vietnamese, Amharic, Somali, Chinese, Tagalog, Russian, Korean, and Tigrinya. To date, we have reached thousands of residents county-wide.