Alta's Corridor Study Revolutionizes 900 E Roadway Configuration with Enhanced Multimodal Improvements

Alta spearheaded the development of a corridor study for the stretch between 900 E, aiming to determine the optimal configuration for the roadway. Leading a team, Alta conducted a comprehensive analysis of both present and projected traffic, evaluated parking requirements, sought input from the public, and put forth recommendations for improvements that cater to multiple modes of transportation. These recommendations encompassed enhanced transit stops, segregated bike lanes, and new pedestrian crossings at strategic points. The final outcomes of the study included 40% plans for the corridor, which formed the foundation for subsequent engineering and final design work. Noteworthy aspects of the project encompassed pedestrian crossings at mid-block locations, seamless integration with neighboring byways, and a blend of conventional, buffered, and separated bike lanes along the corridor, taking into consideration the surrounding environment. The construction of the project took place in 2021.