City of Ottawa Protected Intersection Design Guide

Throughout the last decade, planners and engineers have been applying the Dutch intersection design principles in the North American context, with the goal of improving safety for all users and improving the accommodation of separated cycling facilities through intersections. The common label for these intersections in North America is “protected intersections”. The City of Ottawa […]

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Ontario Traffic Manual Book 18: Cycling Facilities

The Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM) Book 18: Cycling Facilities project was led by WSP Canada, in association with Alta, to provide new information and guidance for transportation practitioners across Ontario. This was made possible in collaboration with the Ontario Traffic Council, the Ministry of Transportation, Share The Road, True North Safety Group, Accessibility Simplified and […]

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Future of Public Spaces and Placemaking Report

Change has always been constant, but the current pace of technological innovation is especially profound. We are experiencing the compounding influence of multiple converging trends — from Uber and Lyft trips, real-time trip planning, and shared micromobility, to Amazon Prime same-day deliveries, grocery and restaurant couriers, driverless taxis, and much more. We want these new […]

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Accessibility in Print Guide

This report seeks to answer the question: How do you design print materials that are accessible and inclusive for the widest possibly array of people? This report presents research on graphic design principles that can make print products more accessible for people with visual impairments and other disabilities, as well as Limited English Proficiency, and […]

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FHWA Measuring Multimodal Network Connectivity

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has released the Measuring Multimodal Network Connectivity guide. The Guidebook focuses on multimodal network connectivity and provides information on incorporating connectivity measures into state, metropolitan, and local transportation planning processes.

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