White Paper: Promoting Active Transportation Safety in Preparation for Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicle (AV) technology is advancing and moving closer to public adoption. The technology brings opportunities and concerns for safeguarding the safety and comfort of people walking, bicycling, or using other
micro-mobility modes. As of this writing, AV technology is in a state of transition. Public agencies are partnering with or establishing permits for private companies to test AVs using video simulations, within test tracks, and along public streets. Pilot projects on campuses and trails are helping communities envision use cases for AVs.

This white paper helps communities take near-term action to preserve and improve the experience of active transportation as AV technology develops and is deployed. Recommendations are not designed to stay stagnant over time, given the rapidly changing nature of AV technology. However, the basic premises of fostering a safe system, as described in the following section, are likely to continue into the future.

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