Alta worked with Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) to develop and implement the 2016-2017 tactical urbanism component of “Go Human," a region-wide safety and encouragement campaign. It was comprised of 10 events in 10 different locations.

The primary goals of the tactical urbanism component were to promote walking and biking across the region by implementing a series of events that allowed residents to temporarily experience roadways that are designed for people and not just cars. A secondary goal included building cross-jurisdictional relationships and community partnership to support and implement future infrastructure. To meet these goals, Alta provided organization and facilitation of Community Advisory Committees for each city to help strengthen community support for bicycling and walking and provided communication and marketing assistance to ensure events were widely attended.

Events were evaluated through a survey that was implemented on the day of the event. This survey captured attendees’ perceptions of the safety of each infrastructure type and potential support for future investment. Each survey was tailored to the community through collaboration with the host city to make sure desired data was captured for future support and grant applications. Additionally, Alta brainstormed ideas for other evaluation metrics to help determine plausibility.

Because each community’s needs were unique, Alta provided individual marketing and communication plans for each event. This included collaboration with the Community Advisory Committees to determine best communication outlets and the need for additional languages on marketing and outreach materials. Alta staff provided multilingual services to support outreach efforts at the event and so messaging was consistent.

Through ongoing partnerships and the Community Advisory Committees, Alta was able to identify potential sponsors for in-kind donations that helped to support the temporary construction of demonstration. This included organizing volunteers to assist in the build-out and working with local businesses to provide supplies such as plants, hay bales, or support the event advertising.