Bicycle Boulevards – aka- “neighborhood greenways” or “neighborhood bikeways” – are designed to provide a comfortable bicycling experience for all riding abilities through a combination of route selection, intersection improvements, and volume or speed management techniques.

Alta Planning + Design is a leader in helping communities to plan and implement bicycle boulevard corridors and neighborhood greenways on lower-volume residential and collector streets.

Bicycle boulevards are a win-win for neighborhoods and businesses, and are often located parallel to roadway arterials or through areas that are underserved by other bikeways. They can encompass ‘green street’ treatments, and can often involve the widest variety of treatments and engineering solutions to achieve a low-stress facility.

Implementation of bicycle boulevards can include a wide variety of disciplines including:

  • Landscape architecture and design
  • Bioretention and green street treatments
  • Intersection improvements including pavement markings, traffic analysis, signal design and advanced detection/actuation strategies
  • Geometric design of intersections, traffic calming/diversion treatments
  • Striping and signing (including wayfinding and branding)
  • Marketing and education